Let us introduce:
P-12 Shuttle

It’s 100% Electric

and flies above the surface.

Speeding up maritime electrification

and re-imagining your time on the water.

Let us introduce:
P-12 Shuttle

It’s 100% Electric

and flies above the surface.

Speeding up maritime electrification

and re-imagining your time on the water.

Hydrofoiling electric boats and ferries, made in Sweden.

Transforming transport on the water with technology; enabling electrification and vastly improving performance vs. combustion engines.

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The P-12 has taken flight

A world record

Our boats
in action

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MBY’s review of C-8

Watch Motorboat & Yachting’s amazing review of Candela C-8.

2022 07 07 waves comparison Thumbnail copy

Candela C-8 vs planing boat in waves

We tested wave management in the Candela C-8 alongside a conventional motorboat to see the difference.

2022 02 14 C 8 behind the scenes

Candela C-8’s first flight

See the world’s most anticipated electric boat in action from when we tested out C-8 Prototype 01.

Candela C-POD | The world’s most efficient boat motor

Meet Candela C-POD, the most efficient and long-lasting boat motor ever made. Designed in-house at Candela.

World’s first electric hydrofoiling boat flying in San Francisco | Candela C-7

We couldn’t resist the Bay Area sunrise for an early morning cruise.

Foiling Double Up

Watching the speedy 69F Sailing boat fly next to Candela C-7 is to see into the future.

Virtual Test Drive

Follow along on a virtual test drive on a beautiful Swedish evening in May.

Candela C-7 | Formation Flying

Enjoy this thrilling FPV drone footage of the Candela Seven, the world’s first foiling electric boat.

C-7 Sunbed edition in Italy

The brand-new Candela C-7 Sunbed Edition: Marrying zero-emission, high-speed foiling to all the traditional features needed for a great day on the water.

Foiling in high waves

See the C-7 foil in 15 m/s of wind wakes

C-7 vs regular boats

See a direct comparison to a fossil fuel boat

Frame 1271

2024 Candela C-8 Open Daycruiser

It feels like we’re flying

Electric-boat maker Candela gets cash infusion to scale up production

Its C-8 boat model has already become the best-selling electric speed boat in Europe (and it actually outsells most internal combustion engine-powered boats in its premium category).

Candela’s hydrofoiling electric boats attract $24M investment in a bid for cleaner seas

At a stroke it makes every other boat feel strangely low-tech, as if Candela has finally managed to reinvent the wheel or, perhaps more aptly, discover flight.

Candela’s C-8 flying electric boat is already selling better than gas-powered boats

The result is a super stable boat, you can’t really get seasick on board.

Teslas making waves: A new generation of electric motorboats takes to the water

The world’s first AI-powered, all-electric hydrofoil boat that automatically stabilises itself for a smoother ride

I tested a flying electric boat and it was even cooler than it sounds

Swedish Tech Company Breaks Sales Records With Disruptive New Long-Range Hydrofoiling Electric Speedboat

So, OK, what’s the bottom line? Simply put, the Candela is a better boat. Just like a Tesla is a better car and an F150 Lightning is a better F150. This is the future, kids, and it’s awesome!

Che bello il motoscafo tutto elettrico che vola sull’acqua senza rumore

Fliegen über Wasser

Enabling a unique

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C-Foil System
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Candela Tech Talks
The Flight Controller
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Candela Tech Talks
The C-Pod Motor

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Electric hydrofoiling is revolutionizing both leisure and professional boating. Learn more about each model below.

Leisure boats

57 NM
Top speed
27 kt
8 people

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40-50 NM
Top speed
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6-30 people